The 'S' Word


Naaah, it’s sustainability. That ridiculously overused word. What does it even mean? To sustain something. For arguments sake I could choose to sustain the level of consumption we currently have globally - in which case I need to ramp up production and sell sell sellllll.

I have a love hate relationship with green design. We have seen it go from a beige/hemp unfashionable product to a now super trendy/ political token that people wear with great pride whilst looking down their noses at all those Primark buying heathens. That’s unfair. Obviously not all eco-heads are looking down on others, but I can see why some people would find the whole world inaccessible. It’s a divisive issue and we LOVE a divisive issue here in the UK.

I often wonder the best way to get everyone consuming in a green way and unfortunately every time get to the point where I realise the greenest way to consume is to STOP. But one thing I love about the human race is craft and tradition and if we peel back the layers of the capitalist machine what design and craft leave us is a beautiful expression of culture and society at the time. It is a constant argument in my head between happiness and reality - Craft is what gives me purpose/ but am I just fuelling the machine?

What I aim to do with my small business is to have a positive impact both outwardly and inwardly. I have a distance to go but it’s at the forefront of my design process and business practice.

At the moment I have just started playing with eco-silver and I would like to produce pieces that are entirely traceable and timeless. These will sit alongside other pieces that are also traceable but more affordable and trend led/ changing seasonally.

Anyway, ramble over. Sustainability = shit but important..