Ode to The Kiln Rooms

I moved to London in January 2018 and my first day out in the smoke I left my front door and marched towards a new place with nervousness and a large sprinkle of imposters syndrome.

I sat on the train anxiously listening to empowering music (Yonce - obvs) to then realise I had gone to the wrong station (Dalston Kingsland and Dalston Junction are right next to each other and go in entirely different directions). I ended up in Hampstead Heath - shat my pants because I was now going to be late (I hate being late - it makes me feel physically sick) - and called an uber to take me to Peckham. £30 down and only half an hour late and a light pink shade of flustered.

Luckily I was met by Ben, Stu and David who sat me down with an ipad and headphones - where I sat like a zombied toddler listening to health and safety - safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t mix water with electricity.

ANYWAY. Fast forward a year and I had found a home at The Kiln Rooms - the Kiln Rooms offers a work exchange programme - this involves working 8 hours a week in exchange for a studio space and a shit tonne of ceramics knowledge. Without The Kiln Rooms I would still be packing kilns with 10cm gaps between each piece and practically snorting glaze for fun. DON’T USE A BROOM IN CERAMICS STUDIOS PEOPLE.

I moved to London with the aim to improve my knowledge of ceramics and work in the industry. The Kiln Rooms couldn’t have been a better place for me to start.